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  • i think i am going to print this out and give it to my DH to read so that maybe he has an understanding of what we go through. I definitely have it easier since I only have one baby, but prior to having Hunter, my DH still acted like this. Totally oblivious. I never thought that percentage of moms were that mad though.
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  • This is me...this is my life...I wrote the article myself and I was every example they gave. 

    seriously, my DH and I just talked about this 2:30 am when we were both lying there awake...i asked him what he was most worried about w/ baby #2.  I said "probably the finances/$$/cost of raising 2 kids".  He said and I quote "Actually, I'm already so tired and exhausted and I know you want me to do more NOW (with 1 kid), I know I'm not going to be able to do more and I know it will lead to fights (between us) and resentment (from me to him)"  I'm thinking...DAMN SKIPPY, does he get credit for acknowledging the fact?   I don't think so...he would get credit if he would DO Something about it...but alas, I know it's highly unlikely to happen.  So I hope and praise for any little thing "dad" thing he does to help.  He does do the dishes (loads and unloads the dishwasher) and go grocery shopping (he's even gotten realy good about ASKING me if I need anything at the grocery store).

    I do have to say thank you for posting the article though.  It DOES help me to know I"m not alone.  SOmetimes I feel like I made a stupid stupid choice and got the total shaft in who I married...I do love DH, but i really don't like him sometimes...and to know that not everyone else's husband is super dad (or even "good" dad) is somehow sickly comforting. 

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  • I think the last sentence on the first page sums it up

    "And more than anything else, we're mad that they get more time to themselves than we do."

    Thats the whole thing. Its not what the kids have eaten, spending money on electronics, etc... its the mother who wrote this is mad she gets "stuck" with the kids.

    Hello??? We all knew when we were baby making what we were getting ourselves into... motherhood... 


  • I got a free subscription to Parenting when I placed an order through, and it seems like every month there's a blurb on the cover for some article that's a variation on this theme, which is one of the reasons that the darn thing goes straight into the recycling bin.

    I think that moms often get irritated, especially the more Type A personalities, because their husbands don't parent the exact same way that they do, and because they feel like they shouldn't have to tell their husbands how they want things done.  That just isn't a fair expectation.  My husband doesn't do everything exactly the way I'd do it, and that's okay; he isn't an extension of me.

    I agree, though, that if DH did some of the crap that the guys in that article did, I would be seriously p.o.'ed.

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  • I couldn't get past page 3 of that article.  Too whiney for me.  I guess it just makes me appreciate my DH.  He's not perfect, but he does try hard to help me and for that, I am eternally grateful.  I really am lucky to have him and I TRY to remember to tell him that everyday.  Of course, he has his moments... like when he put the dirty dishes away the other day.  But overall he's a great husband and an amazing dad.  I am blessed.






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