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Playtex Drop-Ins Question

Do the Lansinoh bags fit in the Playtex bottles? I got the Playtex Premium Newborn Nurser set on clearance yesterday (for $8!) since I've been planning on using them. It sounds like Lansinoh bags are the way to go for freezer storage, though, and the Playtex storage system is definitely bulky.

So, if I pump into a Medela bottle and pour into a Lansinoh bag, can I just put it in the Playtex Drop-Ins system for feeding? It sounds like an okay system if they are compatible. Thanks!

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  • That is my plan....I will be interested in reading your responses.
  • I'm confused about your question - are you wanting to put the Lansinoh bags into the bottle instead of a drop-in liner? If so, no, that won't work. You need to use the drop-in liners which are made to fit right into the drop-in bottles and be secured on by the ring that holds the nipple on. I pump into the little bottles that came with my pump (or the extra compatible ones I bought) and then either leave it in those bottles to store in the fridge, or pour into a Lansinoh bag to freeze. Then the milk gets poured into a drop-in at feeding time.

    ETA: You can buy generic versions of the drop-in liners for cheaper than the playtex ones.

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  • Ditto pp--you can't put the lansinoh bags into the bottles. You have to use drop-ins, either playtex or generic. But you can pump into the bottles and put it either straight into the drop-in and the bottle, or if you're planning to freeze it, use the lansinoh bags.  I also just store milk in the pump bottles for a while if I'm not sure yet whether ds will eat it or I'll freeze it.

    I posted yesterday that I've been using a Playtex one step storage system or something like that.  It comes with an adapter that goes on the pump and allows you to pump directly into the drop-in and discs to seal the drop-ins.  Your set might come with that.  Anyhow, then you can seal up the drop-in and save it.  I use that during the week for milk I know DS will drink.  It's convenient, but not necessary.

    But for freezing, I still use the lansinoh because the playtex would be bulky and you'd have to buy more sealing discs.

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  • wait. why cant you use the lansinoh bags?
  • I was told you could and other people have donw it.  I did not use drop ins so I was never able to test it out.  I have a ton of drops in now but all my bags are in a differant box under the 20 other boxes of my daughters stuff.
  • The easiest thing for me was just to pump into medela pump bottles then decide what I wanted to freeze, refrigerate, or bottle up for immediate use.  So many things are up in the air, why waste a freezer bag if you can only fill it up a little, etc.

    I also like pumping into bottle because they can rest on my thighs so I can be hands free to read a mag, or nest!

  • I use the lansinoh bag instead of the drop-ins. I have never had a problem. I pump it into medela bottles then pour in the the bag, freeze and when it's time to make a bottle I just thaw out the bag and drop into the bottle screw on the nipple.
  • I use the gerber bags and they're great
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