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crosstitch / sampler

are they only for girls?  I think possibly I would like to do one but I'm having a boy - would it be weird?

the walls are sage from RH and the rest of the room is b&w - I was thinking a black and white one.

what do you think?

Re: crosstitch / sampler

  • I don't think it's weird. I plan to do one for all future kids, regardless of gender. Black and white sounds really neat.


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  • It would depend on the sampler, IMO.  I tend to think that it's girly... but if you had the right pattern. 

    I suppose I like your idea of black and white photography that you have taken yourself, better... but that's just me.  Smile

  • Jason's room growing up had several cross stitches his mom made and even cross stitched his fraternity letters and hung it up in his room. So, I've seen it done. Jason  doesn't have any attachment toward any of his though. I don't think a boy would appreciate it like a girl would.


    However, if you're an avid cross stitcher and it is your hobby, then go for it! I am a painter and painted cute little sports pictures  on canvasses (sp?) that match Joe's bedroom decor. Will he appreciate it in the future? Nah, but it looks cute now and I like to stare at them and reminisce about pregnancy and Joe being a tiny baby.

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  • thanks for y'all's honesty.  I'm not an avid sticher.  i did back when i was 10 but I thought it might be a good change to putting a name on the wall.  I'm not going to do the hanging name thing [nms] but I thought his name in black and white would be fun.

    i honestly didn't think of what to do with it when he grows out of it - or realizes that it's girlie.  I wasn't thinking of giving it to him!  hahaha!

    eh, i'm not going to do it.

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