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BM at room temp?

I have twin 4 week old girls and am doing a combo of bf, pumping, and formula.  When I pump, I just refrigerate the BM since I use it within 24-48 hours.  I've read several places that it is okay to leave BM out for several hours.  Does this apply to previously refrigerated BM?  For their overnight feed(s), would it be okay to take BM bottles out of the fridge 1-2 hours before their feeding?  That way I would have their bottles in their room and ready to go when they wake up as opposed to needing to go to the kitchen and warm them up.  I know this sounds like a crazy question, but with two (and one who is quite demanding when it comes to food!), every little time saver helps.  Thanks!
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Re: BM at room temp?

  • Here's a reference page:

    BM at room temperature is the best!  And it actually keeps more nutrients.  Our rule has been 8 hours out and it's okay.  You can always do a sniff test (trust me, you'll know when it's not safe).  It's sooo much easier than warming up milk.

    We refridgerate overnight now that my DS STTN.  But once the morning hits, what I pump I just leave out and we use throughout the day.  I just keep my pumped bottles in order so that we know which one to use first.  When I was pumping a ton, I would label the times I pumped.  (I EP). 

    I *think* you could take them out of the fridge about an hour before the feed and be okay, but I'm not sure.  FWIW, we keep a plastic dixie cup in our hall bath and just warm up milk upstairs.  We run hot water onto the bottle and it works just fine.  I just make sure the cap is on our bottles. 

  • We defrost bm in a bowl of warm water one -one and a half hours befre a feeding.
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  • I normally take her refrig. bottle out of the fridge about an hour before feeding and haven't had a problem.  When she wasn't STTN, I'd take it out if I woke up before she did and sometimes she'd wake up several hours after I took it out and still no problems.
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