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Weening pain! OUCH!

I finally have taken the pluge to attack weening.  DD is handling it fairly well despite crying for an hour at 2-3 am last night.  I have went from nursing on demand to nap/bed time and one early AM feeding.  As soon as my body adjusts to this, I will cut the other sessions off as well.  I want her off by V-day (14 mo), so hopefully it will bring on AF and we can TTC#3.

So far, I am terribly engorged between nursings (and it doesn't help that she fell asleep in the van for her nap and didn't nurse).

Re: Weening pain! OUCH!

  • I'm glad you decided to go for it! I'm guessing that it's going to be an ajustment for DD but she'll get over it soon enough. If your breast are too engorged, you can also just manually express a little to ease it up somewhat. I know that has helped me on a few ocassions when DD dropped a feeding. Continued GL to you!
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  • A friend of mine tried cabbage leaves and swears by it.  I might have to if DD keeps dropping/forgetting to eat...  She's dropping feedings faster than DD#1 did so I'm not slowly going down.  We went from 3-5 a week ago to one today.
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