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Update: High temp=bronchitis

Our doctor appt ended up with an order for xray to rule out pneumonia. Macy's rectal temp was 103.7 and they were worried she wasn't eating much. I wish babies could be excempt from being sick. She is so whiny and fussy right now. Thank goodness she wanted to sleep at her regular bedtime tonight. I'm hoping the fever breaks soon so she'll feel better.
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Re: Update: High temp=bronchitis

  • Oh no!!! Its so hard when they are sick.  When Noah was running a 104 temp we just had to do tylenol every 4 hours, if we waited if spiked back up and we did cool baths. He hated the baths, but it helped.  Praying she gets better SOON
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  • Oh poor baby girl! I hope she feels better soon and that her fever breaks.
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  • Glad they figured it out!  Poor little Macy, hoping tomorrow is a better day and she sleeps well tonight.
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