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Hold on...babies can't wear sunscreen?!

Why do they make Waterbabies then?! Someone tell me why this is. I feel like a dumbass for not knowing this already, but I had totally intended spending the summer at the pool this year. She will be 3 months old in June and I def. plan on taking her when I take Chloe to swim. Enlighten me please!
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Re: Hold on...babies can't wear sunscreen?!

  • I'm probably going to hell but I put sunscreen on Connor when he was super little.  He was born in July and he was at the pool not long after that.  He always had a bath as soon as we got home so it wasn't on him long.
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  • Waterbabies is not?recommended on babies under 6 months old and our pediatrician said the same thing. ?It is a great product for a baby that is old enough.

    ?Their are a lot of reasons (the chemicals in it, etc.) but one of the biggest is that babies have an immature cooling system and are unable to keep cool by sweating as adults do and have a much greater risk of dehydration. ?The usage of sunscreen on a baby too young can impair perspiration (and thus impair their ability to cool themselves).

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  • I've always read and been told you had to wait until they were 6 months but hey it could be wrong bc I have no idea what the reason is
  • Natalie was born in May. ?I didn't take her to pool this summer but when I'd go for walks with her, I just made sure she was covered up.
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  • I put sunscreen on Eli, per my pedi's recommendation.  Personally, I think the no sunscreen thing is a little over-rated.  Just do your research and do what you are comfortable with.

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  • My derm recommended waiting a year, but that will be in August.  So we'll have to use it a little before then.  For the beach we have an umbrella made with 100spf material.  Also her pack & play is made for outside - with side and top screens on it that are 80spf I think. 

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  • My Dr said the risk of skin cancer is worse than NOT using sunscreen.  There are products out there that have less chemicals in them than others.  I believe one of the best ones might be called California Babies. 

    Alex, being born in July, was in the pool at 5 weeks old, at the beach at 8....always with sunscreen on. 
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