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For those that only took 6 weeks leave...

How was it?  The state is coming down really hard on people (no more overtime allowed until further notice).  We were told today that we can expect programs and then people cut.  After talking with my boss, it has me considering a shorter leave for various reasons.  I will have about 10 weeks that I can take paid and I was planning on using 9 of them but now I'm thinking about 7.  So how was it to only be at home for a short time?  It's not really what I want at all, but if it helps my program stay running (because I'm the only one working on it) and keeps my job for me, I won't consider it a choice.  Thanks.

Re: For those that only took 6 weeks leave...

  • I had a c-section and went back at almost 8 weeks. It was tough leaving him when he was that little with someone else I won't lie.  I was physically ok, not great but well enough to go back. It did help us get on a schedule quickly and I was lucky b/c he slept through the night at about the same time. 
    With that being said, for the next one I will take more than 8 weeks off. Around 8 weeks is when they start to really wake up and become alert. I feel like I missed out on that part a little.
    I also understand you have to do what you have to do and you will make it whatever you decide to do. I had changed jobs and didn't have STD or much vacation plus it was just me at the job. I wanted to keep my job and knew if I didn't go back sooner than later I would only be more behind.

  • i don't think i could have done 6. i'm at 8 now and i could probably handle going back. i had a vag delivery.

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