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Baby Swim lessons- Gwinnett Gals

I think I may do a swim lesson with Noah, I am looking at Bogan Aquatic Center in Buford. Most of them are Mon/Wed at after lunch or evenings.  Baby must be at least 6 months old. I just wanted to do this since we will be spending a lot of time this summer by the pool

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  • I'd be interested in doing this with you. I was planning on doing it through Lifetime but they start at 9 months and I wanted to start earlier than that. I am sure elsewhere might be cheaper as well. I wasn thinking about Gwinnett Aquatic Center, I think that is what that new pool facility is called.  Let me know if you find out the cost. Colin and I would come do it with you and Noah.
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  • I started taking them with Grant when he was 7 months old...and I plan on doing them with both boys this spring. We're also around water a lot, and I found that Grant was never afraid of the water...I think because of the lessons. We've done classes at the YMCA and the county, and I thought the classes at the Y were a bit better...but a good deal more expensive. I'm not sure where we will take them this year.
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  • I looked at the ones in Norcross too on PIB.  I will look at both and let you know starting dates, times, etc and we can decide.  The cost is $50 I believe.
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