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Cute swimwear for a large bust???

Swimsuit shopping is so not fun when you have a 34DDD bra size.  Now what am I going to do with the ginormous girls and a baby bump at the same time?  Has anyone come across any swimwear that is not only cute, but supportive??

Re: Cute swimwear for a large bust???

  • I had a breast reduction a few years back because I just got sick of the girls being so big. I always ordered my swim suits from VS because they would go up to my size. Look on-line though there are many places that make swimsuit specially. Look for tankini ones too they will cover the belly nicely but support everything else.
  • I finally found a site that is for big boobs..yippee!

    They have cute styles and are very supportive.  I'm normally a 36 DD but ended up getting a 36E top.  They seem to run a bit different but they are in the UK so I think that is why.  Pretty expensive but I did not care because I was so tired of wearing ugly swimsuits.

     I just looked at their site again and they seemed to have slim pickings so wait untill a bit closet to summer and I'm sure they will have more.

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  • Thank you so much for your suggestions!  It's nice to know I'm not the only one out there with this "concern"!!
  • Yes, thanks so very much. I am normally wear a 36 DD but I am about 6 months along and it's only January... By the summer I will need a larger swimsuit. Thanks again.
  • Amen on the swimwear issue. I swear by Junonia which carries plus sizes. I am a 14/16 and their smallest size is big on me around the hips but that was easily fixed.

    It is called a banded spa suit. I wouldn't trade it for anything and the quality if great.

    Watch out for some of their other suits with "shelves" because they aren't banded - they have elastic with bunched material around them. It isn't attractive or comfortable.


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