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When did you start having BH contractions?

One of my pregnancy books says by this point I may have already experienced them. But I haven't, or at least I don't think I've experienced them. So I'm curious -- when did you first have BH contractions?


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Re: When did you start having BH contractions?

  • I remember really noticing them in my 3rd trimester...  I can't remember when exactly they started.  I noticed them most when my bladder was full, or if I had been sitting down & stood up.
  • i can't remember. hmm. def by 3rd tri though.
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  • I haven't had any at all. I thought I had one in second tri and asked the nurse, but she she no, that wasn't it. I dont' know what they would feel like, so I am never 100% sure whats going on with my aches and pains!



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  • I started getting them around 22 weeks I think. By the time the 3rd tri came (very beginning of it), I got them everytime I stood up, and before I went pee.
  • mine started at 19-20 weeks. i have had them most every day since. and yes, especially when i have to pee. (like when i first wake-up)
    as i understand, some people never have them or not until the very end.


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  • I just started getting them a few weeks ago (so around 32 weeks).  I find that when I'm more stressed I get them and also 1st think in the morning. 
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  • i had one or two at the end. that was it.

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  • Early!  18wks.  I had contractions throughout my whole pregnancy.
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