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anyone heard from unc00ref?

just curious, haven't seen her around today

Re: anyone heard from unc00ref?

  • look down :-)
  • She's around... I've seen a couple of posts. :-)

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  • I must be blind because i can't see anything from her. ?Oh well, I hope she and baby are doing well!
  • Hi!

    Just got home from a long day.

    I had a NST & and regular OB Friday afternoon appointment. Both went well. I'm 2.75 dilated, 50% effaced. Ok, so not really any news there. I have an NST and Ultrasound on Monday, so we'll know more then ***unless of course she decides to come before then***

    Then, of course, Brooks has had strange poops for over a week, then had 100% nasty diarrhea for the last 4 days, and developed a fever last night, so back to the pediatrician we went. Just a virus! YAY! Said that it's going around and to just let it run it's course (no pun intended!.

    So I've been busy, but we are making it through. Thanks for thinking about us. 

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    ***Baby #3: BFP Mother

  • I've been wondering about you today too.  I"m glad to hear that your appt went well.  Sorry to hear about Brooks getting a tummy bug though.  That's no fun!
  • Glad to hear all is well with teh little one! ?Sorry Brooks is sick, I know thats stressful! ?The girls got strep throat 2 weeks before Jeremiah's scheduled c-sec and I worried that he would come before they were over it. ?Thankfully he waited until the antibiotics did their job! :)

    I hope you have a great weekend!?

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