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Gee thanks, Mom!

My mom just sent me ultrasound pictures of one of her friend's new grandchild...  Apparently their daughter had been using an IUD and got pregnant.


Why would she send that to me?

Re: Gee thanks, Mom!

  • bwahahaha- be careful!
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  • Well you said you were getting baby fever right Stick out tongue
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  • Whoa. Maybe the universe is talking to you. ;)
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  • oh good lord, this is SO the last thing i need to hear. i just made an appointment to get an IUD because i hadn't heard of anyone getting pregnant on one. we cannot have another birth control failure if i'm ever going to get through school.

    i'm happy practicing abstinence, but DH isn't Wink

  • Hahaha! In light of your newfound new baby urges, I can't help but laugh at that!

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  • Maybe my mom is lurking on the Nest & trying to encourage me!  LOL  I know she wants another grandchild.
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