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I'm being nosy.  What is you little one's sleep schedule?  I'm totally jealous that he can sleep until almost noon.  How do you make this miracle happen?  Is that his nap?

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  • disclaimer: i've got a baby who is VERY blessed in the sleep department. he isn't the typical baby.

    during the day, he's up for 1.5 hours max before he needs a nap, naps 40 minutes and repeat. all day. so if he wakes up from his last nap at 7, his bedtime is 8:30, 7:30, 9, etc, but his latest bedtime is 9:30 or so. he wakes once or twice a night, and is usually up by 11, but today he slept in. it seems to be his natural schedule.

    may i repeat that i'm extraordinarily blessed, and this may be one reason i don't want any more kids?

  • That's awesome!  So if you want to go out or something during the day will he sleep through it or does he have to be home to sleep?
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  • he'll usually sleep. he prefers his crib (i do too), but he's been known to take his 40 minute nap in my arms before. he's SUCH an easy baby. he very predictably gets fussy when he starts getting tired and he cries when he's hungry, but that's it.

    i'm an insanely laid back person, and both DH and i like to sleep, so it seems he's taking after us at least a little :-)

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