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Drinking soda question

Does anyone else's baby have a problem when you drink soda? My DD projectile vomits everytime I drink it. Is it the carbonation??
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Re: Drinking soda question

  • The carbonation can't get into breastmilk.  Maybe it's something else in the soda?  I've never had that problem.
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  • I have never had that problem either, but some babies can be sensitive to the most random things.  My Dr said he had a patient who's child spit up when she ate cucumbers, even just one slice and the baby would react to it.  I doubt it is the carbonation though, maybe the syrup or the caffeine. 
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  • I've never had that problem.  They say you can drink 4 cans of soda each day and be fine.  I've noticed a difference in my DS's fussiness level if I drink more than 2, but no spit up.  Two is what I drank each day while preggo too... 

    Maybe try eliminating it for a few days and see if it makes a difference??  (For me this would be a really bad thing, so I don't envy you in the least!!!)

  • She could be sensitive to the caffeine.
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  • I avoided caffiene with DD1 (while PG), so while BF she didn't tolerate ANY either.  With DD2, I drank 1 diet coke a day while PG (moving, stress), but I can drink LOTS of caffiene and it doesn't affect her.  But, I have not been able to get off of it to see if she'd STTN w/o it.
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