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Opinions on Girl Bedding (PIP)

DH and I had originally feel in love with this Nurseryworks bedding for $350. We decided against it because of the price. But someone just posted about their awesome sale. It is now only $87!!!  WOOHOO!!  In the meantime, we found another bedding that we like. It is Banana Fish MiGi for $162.  Now I can't decide which one to get. DH and I have modern taste.

Please help me decide!


#1 - NurseryWorks ($87)






















#2 - Banana Fish MiGI ($162)


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Re: Opinions on Girl Bedding (PIP)

  • I really like the 2nd one...and I have modern taste too!
  • I like the 2nd one more, but they are both cute!

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  • I also like the second one better
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  • I love the 2nd one!
  • I like the 2nd one


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  • I really like the Banana Fish set.
  • From experience of actual usage (not to mention how easy it is to stain white), I would go with the cheaper.  They are both beautiful :)
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  • I love the second one!
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  • I love the second one!
  • The 2nd, it's adorable!
  • I love the second one!!
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  • Definitely number 2!
  • #2!  Very cute!
  • I love them both, seriously they are totally my style. I was kind of leaning towards #1, I thought that one looked easy to accessorize with, plus it's cheaper and I'm all about saving some money!

    Either way, they are both adorable. Nice finds!

  • really like the 2nd!
  • I LOVE the second one!
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  • i love love love the 2nd one.
  • love #2!!
  • Both are darling!!!  I'd probably go with the less expensive one.
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  • I LOVE the 2nd one! I have fairly modern/simple taste as well and I think that bedding (and whole room) is gorgeous!
  • I like that the 1st one is cheaper.  But I like the way the 2nd one looks!  I know--I'm no help!
  • I love love love the 2nd one
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  • I prefer the 2nd one
  • i really like the second one
  • Totally #2!! Love it!!!
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