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Those of you with a lot of frozen BM...

When do you pump? ?I have only pumped twice, both times right after Rylan's morning feeding. ?The rest of those days he was angry. ?Like he couldn't get enough milk. ?I want to try again but is the morning the best time? ?I think with Owen I pumped in the morning and after his last night time feeding. ?Is there a better time?

Re: Those of you with a lot of frozen BM...

  • How old is your DS? In the very beginning, I pumped to empty both sides after every single feeding. Not only to build up a freezer stash, but mostly to increase my supply. Now I just pump each night right before I go to bed, and sadly, only get like 1 oz. each night.


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  • i always pumped at night. i know they say it's best to do it in the morning b/c you have the most milk, but i had a hungry boy in the morning. the real routine i ended up getting in to was once i have a couple bottles, i would pump when he would have a bottle. i did this to keep it fresh. the bottle would stay in the fridge a couple days and if they didn't get used, they would go in the freezer. then i pumped in the evening as well... it worked for me. i think there are "standard" practices that work in general, but really you just have to figure out what works best for you. sounds like you had something that worked with your older...
  • I currently pump in the mornings (after she eats - she only eats off one side, and so I pump to empty the other breast since its gone all night w/o being emptied b/c she STTN), and then again at night right before I go to bed.  The only reason I've continued pumping is to continue to build a freezer stash - although I have a pretty substantial one already - for her bottles for MDO.  

    I wish I could eliminate one of those two sessions, but I'm not sure how to do it yet.   


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