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XP: Ellie is here!

This will be short, b/c I'm TOTALLY ready to sleep... I'll post more details and a pic tomorrow...

I just wanted to say - thanks to everyone for thinking of us today!  It means a lot to me to have all of your support!

The day went relatively smoothly - just a few minor hiccups here and there, and, we're both feeling good.  Ellie is very healthy (and, WAY bigger than I expected!!!  geez!)  She's already breastfeeding like a champ.

Jacqueline Helene (Ellie for short)

1-27-09, 8 lb 13 oz, 20.75 inches long, 5:21PM


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Re: XP: Ellie is here!

  • CONGRATULATIONS!! ?What a beautiful name! ?I can't wait to see pictures and then meet her in person.
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  • congratulations, finally!! my DD is Elle, so I of course love your DD's name!

    can't wait to see photos!

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  • Congratulations!!!
  • I love the name! Congratulations!!! (now get some rest! Big Smile)
  • Congratulations!!!! Post some pics when you have a chance :)
  • Congrats!!!  Glad it went pretty smoothly and what a beautiful name!  Rest up.
  • Congratulations!  Love the name too!
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  • Congratulations!
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  • Congratulations!  I love the name.  Jacqueline was always the name I picked for myself in French class (hee) and I have always loved Helene.  Can't wait to here the whole story and see pics!
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  • Congratulations!  Welcome little one.
  • Beautiful name! Congrats, glad you all are feeling well!

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  • Yaaayy! Glad to hear everything went well--congrats!
  • Congratulations. Welcome to mommyhood.  It's the best EVER!
  • Congratulations!  She has a beautiful name and about the same size Nicholas was when he was born, so that is a good sized little girl you have there.
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  • Great! Congrats! So glad you're both healthy and happy! sleep well!
  • Congratulations!  Very pretty name!
  • Yay! Congratulations on your healthy baby girl! Now get some sleep!
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  • congrats! beautiful name!  Party!!!
  • Congratulations! Can't wait to see pics!
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  • congrats!!!!  Now get some rest!
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  • Congratulations!  Lovely name choice!
  • Congratulations! 
  • Congratulations!
  • yea!!! congrats! I love the name!
  • Hooray! Congrats! Glad all is well :)
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