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Recommend your video camera!

We use our digital camera to catch short videos of DS, but it's time to upgrade to an actual video camera.  I'm clueless about what's out there, so I have no idea where to even start! 

This may be a dumb question, but can you upload video from a video camera like you can off of the digital camera? 

Thanks for any advice or recommendations!  :)

Re: Recommend your video camera!

  • we have a connon hg10 we got on amazon last xmas and it's very easy to work with.


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  • We just (2 days ago) bought a cannon vixia HF100. so i haven't really used it, but this was the one we decided on based on reviews and what we were looking for. It's a flash based memory, just like your digital camera and you'd upload the video in the same way as your camera.

    I'm not a ton of help as this was dh's job to research and purchase. i know it got the best ratings on consumer reports.

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  • We got a Sony Handycam (30G harddrive) and we have no complaints so far.  It's easy to use (I don't think either of us ever read the instructions) and the quality seems really good.  It also has a night-vision mode, but I think it makes people look creepy (especially the baby!)
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