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    I'm a lurker over here. I normally post on the 1st Tri board but I have seen a lot of posts about ChaCha. What exactly is that? Thanks!!


Re: ChaCha??

  • People text a question or anything they want, and someone text messages a reply.  It can be "where's the nearest coffee shop to me", or "who costarred with Tom Hanks in the 1995 movie he was in".

    The Cha Cha people on the receiving end have been vetted to reply as experts in the various categories - and they make money off answering.  I believe it can be as little as 5 cents per answer you earn.

    I applied and got the "test" they give you but then never had time to take it.  Since then my Cha Cha friend says they have no more needs for research/answerers.

    It's a totally free service but what I don't know, but assume, is the text reply comes with an advertisement (seems to be the only way Cha Cha makes money.)

  • I am a guide and would apreciate it if you use me as a refernce if you decide to sign up.  I also use the service when I am away froma computer.  I hav only had one wrong answer.  It pretty cool.  My DH loves it.

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