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Who went shopping today???

I did!  I almost headed at Kohl's at 4 am, since Jenna was up for a feeding at 3:45, but decided to go back to sleep!  I woke up a little before 6 and headed out.  Went to Sam's Club and bought a few things for my nieces and my MIL, got free breakfast too!  Then hit Starbucks for a caffine fix - Old Navy, Workd Market, Finish Line (for DH), Bath and Body Works ($5 wallflowers - my FAVORITE!), and last but not least, KOHLS!  Love that place.  I bought too much for myself there, and a few gifts.....  I thought about trying to go to Target, but didn't feel the urge!

Anyway, how was everyone's Thanksgiving?  Is anyone working today??

Re: Who went shopping today???

  • I'm at work today and did some shopping online at!  I got Hannah a Fisher-Price digital camera and I bought myself a present too- an iPod touch!  :)
  • We went to the grocery store today and now we're back at home.  My incision has been really painful since yesterday when I took the bandages off and so I told myself I'm not getting out of my sweatpants today.
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  • Wow Lisa!--You racked up! I did not--first time in I dont know how many years!! My sister went to Target and my dad to Bass Pro-but I stayed in bed!! I think that I am going to stroll little one around town in a little while since it is so nice outside. DH and I have decided not to exchange gifts this year and we are just asking for $ from the parents, so there was nothing that I really wanted. I missed doing it though--it is always such a rush!
  • I was out and about.  Got a few movies for Wes from Target including Office Space for 3.40, 300 for 5 bucks and Iron Man for 13.00.  I also bought some cute french cafe plates and a plate rack for my kitchen.  Other than that I didn't see anything out there that I couldn't live without.  I found some stuff at Kohls I wanted but the line was backed up all the way to the back of the store on both sides...I decided that I could wait on that stuff lol. 

    Oh and I saw a lady who had her parking spot "stolen" chew out some teenagers in the Kohl's parking lot.  Interesting stuff.  

  • We did, but we didn't get out there early.  We got a new tv for us, a digital camera for my mom and some drapes for Ava's room. 
  • I did!  After an up all night evening with Robinson, I did not get up to the 4 am openings.  Rian went to Sams @ 6 to get us a new TV and after my mom came over, he and I hit Walmart, Home Depot, JC Pennys, and Old Navy....I was exhausted when we got home.  I know they keep saying we are in a recession, but I don't think Baldwin County got the memo...there were people everywhere and the news said that the outlets are already reporting a more than 10% increase in sales from last year!
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