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When did you start "going" places?

Just wondering when you guys started going places with the baby. Nadia is now two weeks old and the only place she has been is to see her pediatrician. I am getting a little tired of my house BUT I am not ready to take her anywhere yet either. I think I'm just ready to start thinking about it.

How long did you wait before taking your baby out into the world? Where did you go first?


Re: When did you start "going" places?

  • We took Nicholas to a restaurant at 17 days old.  We went early so there wouldn't be too many people around and sat in a booth so we could just put the carrier next to one of us, away from everyone.

    Once I got that taste of outside freedom, I took him out everyday, whether to just run errands or go for a walk. Before he go his two month shots, I made sure to keep the hood on his carrier up and not let people hover directly over him or touch him. 

    Cabin fever with a baby is the worst!  I think I've maybe spent five total days at home with him since he was born.  As long as its not pouring rain, we go somewhere.

  • I ran some quick errands with my mom and Zoe at 3 weeks. She came with me to make sure no one came near or touched her. Around 1 month I started going some places with the baby alone, but it was closer to 6 weeks when I really went about my business as normal with baby in tow!
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  • I took Jaelyn out at 2wks. We went to Arian's house for a fantasy football draft party as well as my moms house and MIL and BRU. The frist time i took her to a restaurant with us she was about a month old.
  • Charlotte was born on the thirteenth of December and we went out for dinner with my parents on New Years Eve, so she was just short of three weeks old.  However, I went straight from the house to the restaurant and back.  She satyed in her infant seat the WHOLE time an dslept through the whole meal and drive, lol Tallahassee, is a small town, so we didn't have to go far.  I think I may have stayed in longer with her except that my parents drove 8 hours to spend the holiday with us and I felt bad to stay in the ENTIRE time.  I think that fresh air and sun light is wonderful for babies, and it is rare that a day has passed from that day on that Charlotte doesn't get out at least once a day, even if it is just to the park for a couple of hours or so.
  • With Eli - we stayed in the house for his first month...with Chelsea - besides the Pedi's office - I would go for a walk around the neighborhood so she could get some sun the very next day home from the hospital.  the first time we went out-out was at 10 days - we went to my MIL house to celebrate my BIL birthday. 
  • I got tired of being inside at 5 days..lol, really. I am always out and about so you can imagine. Anyway, I took him out everywhere at 6 weeks. My pedi recommended this to me since if and only if babies with less that 6 weeks get a cold and a high fever the first thing that the emergency will do is a spinal tap to rule out?meningitis. Once they are older than 6 they might do the test but is not the first that comes to their mind. True or not I dod not wanted to run with the risk so I waited after our first trip to BRU at 5 days old..... :)

    Maybe you can ask your pedi what he thinks.


  • Cedric was 10 days old when my mom and I took him to Target (mainly to let my cleaning lady do her thing without us in her way) and maybe Publix or Winn-Dixie.  I had him on me in the Bjorn the whole time.  Someone tried to touch his foot and I backed away, saying he was too small.  But that was the first time (aside from the pediatrician's office).  After that, I don't remember.  I didn't go out every day, though.  We had lots of visitors, and often enough I just wanted to stay home once they were gone!


  • I was used to being on the go.  At three weeks, I went for a quick walk in the mall with my mom and started walking outside.  I ran maybe a few quick errands with the baby.  At one month, we started music class and typically left the house at least a few times a week. 


  • We're going to the dentist tomorrow.  Our plan is not to let anyone touch him.  I hate to go out this early.  But we both need our teeth cleaned and DH goes back to work next week.  So it's now or never.
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  • We went out early with both mostly because I have "ants in my pants" and hate staying home too long.

    With Sebastian I went to Publix on my way home from the hospital, and then started going to mommy groups when he was 6 days old.

    With Nate it was quick too. Mostly because I didn't think it was fair for Seb to be cooped up at home. He went to the SOuth Florida fair at 10 days old. I kept him in the sling, no one even knew I had a baby i there.

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