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So she's sort of STTN...

Tuesday she slept from 9:30-4 in her bassinet.  When she woke up her hands were like frozen ice cubes.

Last night she slept in our bed (again)...I know bad sarah bad sarah! but she slept from 11-6:30 straight and her hands were nice and toasty this morning.  

She hates mittens, she hates swaddling.  What do I do to keep her hands from freezing like ice cubes at night? 

Re: So she's sort of STTN...

  • That's great that she's sleeping so well!  I don't know about the hand thing - Jenna's hands are always cold too - we keep the heat on 71 or 72, our bill is going to suck, but I don't want my baby to freeze!
  • AC slept through the night too! It was SO hard to get her down, but she finally went to sleep a little before 12 (after I put her in the bed w/ us). I put her in the crib as soon as she was asleep and she slept until 7! That was a first!! After I fed her at 7, she went back to sleep until 10.....I doubt we will be so lucky tonight!
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