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hey there- i didn't want this to get lost in the post below. just wanted to let you know that i read about sweet avery falling (on the day it happened) and i've been thinking about her ever since. i didn't respond that day (or any day shortly after) b/c i was sick.

i also wanted to let you know that my cousin fell on her daughter (going down a slide) days before she should have started walking. she had already started to let go while crusing and was super close to taking those first steps. well, she just started walking with her cast! so, hopefully, avery will do the same- just crawl around while her cast is on. 

anyway, hugs to you, dh and avery! just think of the great story it'll make on her wedding day :)


Re: ***crazy***

  • Thanks, Mc!  Sorry that I'm just now replying to your post.  We just got back into town from a whirlwind T-giving trip.  I appreciate your kind words.  Avery is doing very well in her splint (cast comes on Tuesday) and she is actually crawling around on the floor and carrying on as though nothing ever happened.  Thank goodness.  Now she's battling her very first cold and DH has a bad case of the stomach flu - so you can imagine how stressed I am!  

    I have already thought of the stories we will tell her when she's older.  I was so sad at the thought of her being in the cast for her pictures with Santa and her very first Christmas - but I have gotten over that.  If all goes well, she should get her cast off on Dec 30th.  DH and I were hoping the doctor can wrap the cast with red and white so it looks like a candy cane.  I will have to post pictures after she gets it on.

    Again, thank you and I hope you're doing well with your m/s.  :-)  Hang in there! 

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