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I'm the downer

on 6-12.

Someone commented in their post that "someone" on the board had some mental issues and needed psychiatric help due to their DC's issues.

I'm pretty sure she was talking about me.

I know I complain a lot. And I know my bitterness can get the best of me. Perhaps posting my feelings and struggles (both good and bad) on 6-12 is not the best place to do so.

I love the ladies' support; they're an amazing group of women over there. But I don't want to make them to feel sorry for me or think I have mental issues (well maybe I do, but understandably so).

Ah, I'm glad to have you ladies and the hundreds of lurkers.?


Re: I'm the downer

  • I didn't see the post, but who knows she could of been talking about me.  I've been posting the last two weeks about DS's issues and ranting about the inept nutritionist that we had to see.

    One of the reasons why I started lurking on this board was because none of my friends have children that have any medical issues so they don't know what its like to dread doctors appointments for fear of bad news or getting nervous about common things like DC getting a cold which can completely derail their progress.  I feel like on this board other people can understand my aniexty better than my friends and family in real life and even people on the other boards.

  • I wouldn't worry about what someone said over there.  I think some people are only happy when they upset people. 

    I don't post on my local board the problems I have with my son.  I know they would not understand.  I feel like I ever need to vent, I can always post it on here  :)

    Don't let one person get you down! 

    Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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