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I know some other ladies responded below but Im always late to the ballgame.  I was also 1/52 like another person said below.  We opted to have the CVS test not because we wanted to terminate the pregnancy or anything like that but we wanted to be prepared if he did have Downs.  We needed to have schools to accommodate, the right drs on hand at delivery, etc. 

Obviously with mixed emotion we did the CVS because you read of "increased risk of miscarriage."  This is not necessarily true.  I asked my specific dr that I would be seeing his experience with this and his risk of miscarriage was less than .001% or something crazy like that.

I felt much better after having the CVS, i had no pain or complications from it and it was over in minutes. 

We also went back for a level 2 later on to make sure everything was fine.

Good luck, I know its a hard decision, just know that others are here if you need us. 


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  • I think you confused me with kaysi32!!



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  • Sonofa....LOL, ok...sorry...
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  • Dbert, I *knew* you were farther along and I even went back into the post and thought...hmmm...odd...but the ticker got me...you two have the same cute ticker...

     note to self, must sleep more.

  • toads,
       thanks for the insight. it is actually reassuring that many people get these results, and even more extreme than ours. thanks for sharing your experience with CVS, because i am very unsure about it. i guess we will find out on monday what our next step is. for me, it was apparently the bloodwork that threw the results off b/c our NT was normal at like 1.5mm(?). i will keep ya posted. *jan 

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  • Ours was the NT that threw ours off.  It was on the high side, but I dont remember the #s.  Good luck and keep us posted.
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