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**update lactaction appt**

Ok so see this is why I don't bother people with my troubles.

It's all good. Like you guys said bf kids should be on a bf chart. he's a smidge under where he is, but nothing to worry about at all. 

He's a normal 8 month old which equals attention span of a gnat! It's all OH OH what's the that? what's that..  so we're going to try a nice darkish quiet room to feeding. 

the middle of the night stuff... well he's winning. So we'll jsut have to re sleep train him (not fun) I said, But he cries until he's hoarse. and she said, he'll cry until he throws up. she was surprised he's give up after an hour and half. (great... ha)

So I'm suposed to get him back on solids (not hard as he wolfed down black beans and avocado at lunch) 

All is good and I'm just a normal mommy. and I'm supposed to just keep trying at the pump. I shouldn't have gotten lazy with it. (i took a month+ break) 

Thanks for you support ladies! *hugs all around*


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Re: **update lactaction appt**

  • Glad to hear it was a reassuring appointment.  Never hurts to go talk to someone, no matter what the issue is.
  • great update! i've been thinking about you today and hoping you would check back in.?

    you know, jack started falling in percentiles (in weight only- not height) around 6-9 months and he JUST started going back up again (at his 1 1/2 year appt). i was worried there for a while, but then realized- he was being offered a wide variety of food/bm/later milk, etc. and he was just doing his thing.

    as far as the night time...sorry. if you are going to let him cry (which is what we did as of 6 mo), have you considered reading Ferber's book? I owe my sanity to him. If you want to borrow it, lemme know. ?

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  • Mcurban: I think we pretty much do the ferber thing, but it'd be cool to borrow your book. if you look in the mommy invite list you can see brandy j that's me send me email :)



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  • I'm glad to hear that everything is okay. Good luck with the sleep re-training. I'll be sending lots of positive thoughts your way and hoping he adjusts quickly!
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  • oh thats awesome!!  i was hoping the chart was 'off' :)  glad you feel reassured and have a game plan!
  • yeah! I'm so happy for you!
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  • Great news!!  Glad all is well!
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