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MIL vent

Just have to vent...she's been here less than 24 hours and I'm already going crazy!!!

She comes like once a month and in the past we've let her know we will handle everything during the night. So last night Scott starts "talking" around 4 am--as usual, we ignore him.  We only go in if he's actively crying and clearly awake and hungry because we've found that if we ignore him, he'll usually go back to sleep on his own unless he's hungry.  He starts amping it up around 5ish but not quite to the point of us going in.  At 5:15am I hear her in there on the monitor. I go in and she has him in her lap, talking to him, singing (not lullabies), making faces, laughing and carrying on.

I was livid!!!!! First, DO NOT go in there in the night (just like always).  Second, if you do, do not give him signals that it is time to get up.  Third, although you think you are "helping" you ARE NOT!!!

I took him from her and fed him and it took forever to get him back to sleep.  She said she wanted to give us more sleep as if we couldn't hear things on the monitor.  And if she truly wanted to help, just feed him and put him back down.  And this is why we tell her we will handle everything at night.  I guess since we didn't explicitly state that this time she thought it was OK?!!

I won't go into everything else--I swear the woman thinks she's a leading expert on infants just because she used to sell some baby gear.

Sorry--I'm not sure I'm going to survive the holiday weekend ;)



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Re: MIL vent

  • I don't have any advice for you...I just went through this.  My MIL was here for 2.5 weeks after the baby was born and she acted the SAME way (well with the girls, she didn't bother the baby unless she asked us first).  I'm surprised my post pregnancy hormones didn't knock her out a couple of times.  LOL!

    Its just a few days...Good luck...and feel free to vent here whenever you need too!

  • Oh no Kim - I would kill her!!!  My mom didn't go that far but she did come out of her room once during the night when I was headed into the nursery for a feeding and asked if I wanted her to take him and hold him for a while. I was like um no, I want him to go back to sleep in his crib - jeez.  If she ever went in the nursery during the night, I think that would be her last visit LOL.

    Sorry - I hope the rest of your weekend is uneventful!

    Rachel & Bill 9-10-05, Liam Andrew born 5-30-08 (formerly lakebride05)
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