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14 Months in a blink!

New mommies I have some advice for you - take a million things and write as much as you can down. I cannot believe that I am sitting here the mommy of a 14 month old. How has two months since her birthday already flown by? Its amazing.

The last two months has had Sophia changing a lot. I had to cut her hair again. She is taller and walking and running. She is so physical. Last night she was playing with the lamp in her room and figured out on her own how to pull the string and turn the light on - it surprised a squeal and a laugh out of her. She is also very musically inclined and recognizes tunes. So, even if she does not have the words quite yet you can (or I can anyway) recognize Twinkle Little Star or Bingo when she sings it. She talks back to Dora and sings, "Ba-pap" back to backpack. Its AMAZING.

I love being a mommy and am really looking forward to this Christmas season with her...even if the idea of her and the tree has me more than a little nervous (any advice there?)....

Either way...my sappy moment is over. Hug and snuggle your babies while they are still babies!!!!



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Re: 14 Months in a blink!

  • aw how sweet! sophia is so smart!

    if theres one thing ive learned since having mady is that time waits for no one! i try to live in the moment and take it all in and im loving every second of it....although no matter how many pics, videos or how much blogging i can do about her its impossible to stop time!

    in 5 months ill  be a mom to a 1 yr old....how did that happen?

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  • I totally agree!!!  I have a 26 month old with a blink of an eye. taken lots and lots of pictures that will LATER be organized by their dates taken. it's the only way I could keep track most of the time. so lots of spending time with baby less time keeping track of everything...maybe I'll figure it out once she's in preschool lol with Julian on his way I'll definitely be taking more pictures and enjoy him more.
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  • I love that you are so good about sharing all about Sophia. Hearing all of these great stories and things she can do make me excited about my own baby. Right now- I am totally enjoying her as a "baby" and I keep reminding myself she will only be 1 week old once and she will only be 2 weeks old once, etc.

    I know this is way off, but when my dogs were puppies and peeing all over my floor I used to think, "I can't wait for them to be potty trained and not chewing up my shoes!" Then I would see puppies and go "awww! I remember when my girls were that small!" I am guessing I am going to feel the same way when Nadia is a big girl and I see babies! LOL!

  • Isn't it crazy how the time just takes off as soon as they turn one!

    It's so  bittersweet.  It wasn't that long ago that I had an infant, but when I hold my sister's two month old babies, it feels so strage. I'm so used to being the mommy of a toddler now, I've already foregotten what if feels like to hold a bottle or have to prop the baby up because they can't sit/stand/crawl/walk.

     It gives me baby fever....almost :-)

  • How cute!!  Tell me about it...I am so amazed that my little "boy" is not a baby anymore.  So yes,  new mommies - enjoy every moment with your babies because it goes SUPER fast.  Chelsea is smiling and laughing and imitating my sounds.  She's also very curious - whenever there is a noise she tries to figure out where it came from...and oh how she watches her big brother.  She loves watching him play and smiles and kicks.  I wonder what she is thinking...It is so sweet - its a beautiful thing watching these little ones grow and develop AND seeing the world through their eyes. 
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