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Sometimes I hate my body

I thought for sure that I'd get my crosshairs today but when I got up this morning my temp had dipped.  I'm only going to temp till confirmed O this month and I'm ready to be done with it for a bit.  Lol I guess this is good news for Wes though Wink

Re: Sometimes I hate my body

  • Hang in there and quit being so hard on yourself.  It's a good idea to take a break.
  • I can't say I know the first thing about charting, but it sounds like while it's helpful, it can be stressful too!  Hang in there!!!
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  • Don't get too down on yourself ...  I know that when I got my BFP, my temps were not looking anything like they should.  So, try not to stress- easier said than done, but just like me, if I had only paid attention to my temps, I would've thought there was no way I was pregnant!

    It will happen!!  :)

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