Adoption's Adoption Series

I just found out about this while watching holiday specials the other night.  I didn't know if you knew about it, and if you've watched any episodes, what you thought?


Re:'s Adoption Series

  • They're really great stories. I cry every single time I watch one. My husband told me about them and I love them.

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  • So far I've liked the ones I've watched and like the pp I cried with each one
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  • What's the show's actual name? 

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  •    I have seen the show a few times and really don't like it. I was adopted as an infant. I was also pregnant at 18 and pressured by strangers to give my baby up which I didn't do. As with most reality TV, it isn't reality. It makes adoption look like a wonderful thing for everyone involved when in many cases it is only a wonderful thing for the people who get to raise the child.
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