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Question for FF moms, + PIP

Hi Ladies!  I know I haven't been on here at all, nor have I updated, but I promise after this week is over I will!

For mom's who solely FF their baby, about how many oz a day did your newborn take? 

And here's a picture of the newest love of my life....{{hugs}} to all and happy Tofurkey day!!!



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Re: Question for FF moms, + PIP

  • <>No much help here b/c I BF my son,  however I supplemented with formula and I started with 2 oz every 3-4 hours.

    <>I wanted to say your son is precious..Congrats Smile

  • Spencer is a doll!!

    Alexis was getting 1.5oz of formula every 3-4 hours when she came home from the hospital.  By 1 month she was up to 4oz every 3-4 hours. Basically, I would always put just a little more in her bottle that she was drinking at the time.  So if she was drinking 1.5, I would put 2oz in.  She would eventually drink 2 oz so I knew it was time to give her more, then i would put an extra hakf ounce in there again and when she was consistently finishing that then it was time to give her more.  Does that make sense?  

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  • At that age, when I supplemented formula or gave pumped BM, Sophia was taking down almost 2oz every 3 hours or so. Give or take.

    Spencer is so cute! Congratulations!!!

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  • First of all, Spencer is ADORABLE!!!!!!

    Nadia is a FF baby and figuring out what to feed her was DEFINETLY a challenge for me! In the hospital she was only drinking about 1 ounce to 1 and a half. When we came home though, things DRAMATICALLY changed. She was finishing 2 ounce bottles and still hungry! Right now I am offering 4 ounce bottles and she is drinking between 3-4 ounces... From what I have learned in my 13 days of mommyhood, you are supposed to offer the bottle and let them drink until they loose intrest. Once they consistantly finish the bottle, it's time to up the serving size. Based on my Similac Feeding Guide- babies 1-2 weeks should drink between 2-3 ounces (as you can see, Nadia is a bit advanced). OH! And Nadia usually goes 4 hours between feedings. I know a lot of babies go three hours. I think you just need to get to know Spencer and see if he's a three hour baby or a four hour baby.

    My concern with Nadia was over feeding her. I've read though that they will spit up what their tummies can't handle- so it's impossible to overfeed an infant.

    Hope this helps! I am still learning too...


  • I totally agree with PP's it's all about how much THEY need. He'll let you know. He's such a cutie!!! Congrats :)
  • exactly what the other girls said, a good rule of thumb is to take his weight and give him 1-2 times that in a 24 hour period, give or take. So when Zoe was born at 7 pounds 1 oz, she would get between 7-14oz a day, usually in the middle. I think she started at 1-2 oz in a bottle every 2-3 hours and gradually went to 4oz every 4 hours by the time she was 1 month old.
  • I love your siggy pic!

    Nicholas was drinking two to two and a half oz when he first came home and was up to three oz. by the second week.  By a month old, he was drinking four oz.

  • No advice here, but Spencer is adorable!!
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  • no advice here but he is precious Gena :)
  • We did 2 oz every 3 hours for about a month.  Then  gradually increased to 3 ounces, 3.5 and then 4 ounces.  At 3 months, we are still only drinking about 4 to 5 ounces every 3-4 hours from 7ish in the morning to 9:30 pm (nothing through the night).


    Good luck - Spencer is beautiful!

  • Spencer is so handsome.  What a sweet little guy!


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