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13 hours of sleep...

she MUST be growing.  Avery went to sleep at 9:30 last night and slept straight until 4 am.  Then she got up and ate and we were back in bed by 4:15-4:20.  I put her in bed with me because her poor hands felt like Ice cubes.  We got up again at 6:30 - fed her changed her, and we were back asleep by 7.  She FINALLY got up at 10:30.

An hour later, she's dozing off to sleep again.  What gives?!

Re: 13 hours of sleep...

  • Growth spurt or you really wore her out with the shopping trip!  Caroline slept really hard last night too after being out all day with my sister and I.
  • Fabulous!  Jenna did the same thing last night - went down at 7, woke up at 5 to eat and went right back to sleep.  DH had to wake her up at 8 to take her to daycare!!
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