Anyone adopt after having own children?

DH and I are talking about starting the adoption process. We tried for four years to have a baby and were just about to go the adoption route when we got our BFP. We both talked about it and we still want to adopt. And we both agreed that we wanted to adopt an older child. We are not sure of the age yet- but it doesn't have to be a newborn.

Has anyone adopted after they had a biological child? experiences? thoughts? suggestions?!


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Re: Anyone adopt after having own children?

  • I have no experience on that, but I just wanted to say your little one is SUPER cute!!!!


    Good Luck !!!



  • Both of my children are "adopted" the oldest is my niece, and we've had her since she was almost 8 (she just turned 10) and the other is her half-sister, who is 7 mo. and adoption will be final in June of 09.

    DH and I are still TTC, as we didnt get a chance to close that door before we were blessed with Reagan. So, I guess I'm the opposite of you!

    Just wanted to say welcome, and congrats on that beautiful baby girl!

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  • My husband and I are thinking of doing this down the line. For example, if the next pregnancy is a boy, we would like to adopt a little girl. I think a combination of bio and adopted children is such a beautiful idea. And I LOVE your siggy :)
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  • We are adopting from Korea after having two bio children :)
  • For future reference, you may want to change the manner in which you refer to the children born to you. In adoption circles, those are "biological" children. All children in our homes, whether bio or adopted, are our own.

    If my adopted child isn't my own, I would like his "real" mother to please handle his bedwetting incidents.

  • Not us, but that was our original plan.  We decided to adopt before trying to conceive because the timing was right for our family.  We are open to both, biological and adopted children in the future.
  • YUP I have 2 older from a previous relationship and now I have 17month old son with DH and we have just started our adoption process to Korea!!!  We will refer to our children as birth children and choosen children.

    PS your baby is BEAUTIFUL!!!

  • We are planning to do this as well, since DH's family runs to boys like none other (no baby girls born since DH's sister 35 years ago, but about 15 boys have been born...). We figured I could handle 2 pregnancies, and then adopt 2 more kids, though we'd prefer younger babies so I could still breastfeed them. I just wanted to say good luck!
  • Oh, and I wanted to say that my younger sister is adopted. She is half Vietnamese, and made a big point of telling me that she felt that growing up, she'd lost out on learning about her mother's culture. She made me promise to teach my adopted children about their heritage, which I think is a great idea anyway!
  • We are... we have a daughter who just turned one and are currently adopting a child from China. With the increasing wait times it might be another year or so. The paperwork was started before Delaney was concieved! As for "adoption" language - your heart is in the right place, no one uses the "right" language all the time! You'll figure it out as you research! Good luck!
  • I have a bio son and adopted daughter.  My daughter's birth mother is a family member, so we our decision to adopt was fairly quick (i.e. got news mid June, she came home Aug 1).  It has been tough adjusting to two babies, especially with them being so close in age.  We are really loving it though!

    I'm glad pp brought up the postive adoption language.  I hope you don't take offense to their responses...we just want to make sure you informed.  I find it very offensive when someone asks which one of my children are my own...they are BOTH by own!!

  • we are starting to consider adoption after having our bio dd.  we have no issues getting pg again.   it just feels like something that i need to do.
  • Not yet but after I have #3 in June we plan to start the process.  My adopted brother is #4 out of 5 kids in my family (#5 was a suprise so they are only 9mo apart) so I am pretty familiar w/ it. 
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  • We are thinking about it too. I cannot have more children, and I really want DS to have a sibling. ?We have not decided between adoption and surrogacy, but we are leaning toward adoption. ?I am hoping we can start the process next year.
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