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I'm Worried About My Glucose Test Friday

Since I failed my original glucose test I was supposed to go back this past Friday for my re-test and Rhogam shot. However, they messed up my appointment and not it's this Friday- the day after Thanksgiving. I'm not sure how close or far away I was from failing, but I am just worried about it this time....

Any suggestions on what I can do? Besides the obvious of watching what I eat Thursday

Re: I'm Worried About My Glucose Test Friday

  • No suggestions here, but good luck!!
  • I was really worried about my one hour.  I tried not to each much sugar the day before, but I did have some.  I didn't eat after dinner the night before, but continued drinking plenty of water to try to flush my system.  The morning of the test I had to be there at 8:15, so I drank 20 oz. of water before then.
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  • Thanks- I failed w/ my first too, however I passed the 3 hour with  no problems. For someone reason this time I'm nervous...I guess I'll have to make sure I just drink lots and lots of water and of course, not try to eat too much tomorrow- but it's soo hard b/c sugar is in everything!
  • Hey Amanda!  I'm sorry that you're worried about this - I hope it turns out fine for you!  Just sucks it's the day after Thanksgiving : (  Keep us posted!!!
  • Sorry  I have no advice but I just wanted to wish you Good Luck!
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