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BIG relief!

OK, so yesterday I went and had my 1st appt with the perinatologist.  It wasn't as in depth as I thought it would be, but I got a lot of information and questions answered, so I am happy with that. 

My main concern (along with my giant question list) was to find out why I keep spotting.  The doctor was very pleasant about this since he knew my history of m/c.  They did an ultrasound, checking for anything that looked abnormal.  PERFECT!!!  He said the baby is perfect right now!  He said shit happens, so there are no guarantees, but he is comfortable enough to say that I have an over 90% chance to carry to term based on yesterdays findings! 

We discussed the spotting some more and he did an exam.  I have a cervical exotropia, which he described as little bubbles of skin that bleed for no reason in an already vascular area.  My cervix is closed tight, nothing going in or out.  The relief I feel!

I am allowed to exercise lightly and DH asked about sex (poor guy) and we got the ok.  Unfortunately, I don't even want him touching me right now.  I go back at 12 weeks for NT and growth and 1st tri screening bw.  What a great day!  So much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving! =) 

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Re: BIG relief!

  • That is great news. What a HUGE weight off of your mind!  Now you can relax and really enjoy your holiday!
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  • Hurray!  Congratulations--such great news!
  • great news!! Congrats and enjoy!!
  • Great news!!!!  Glad everything is going well!

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  • Stay put little embryo!  So glad you got such encouraging news.  Congrats!


  • That must be such huge a relief! Congratulations!!
  • Congrats! I'm so happy for you.

  • Congrats!  I know that took a load of stress off of you. 
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  • Wonderful news!! Hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving!!
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