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product rave - baby ktan carrier

I bought one of these today.  I actually was going to go buy a moby wrap as recommended by Jackie but after I got to the store (Posh Mommy) today and checked them out, I liked the baby ktan better.  It's very similar to the moby but it's sort half done already so it's easier to wrap around you and get the baby in. 

I "wore" avery today while I was shopping because I'm not supposed to lift more than 20 lbs right now and I had so many people ask me about it.  And - she loved it.  She took some good naps today and it was much easier to deal with her.  


Re: product rave - baby ktan carrier

  • Cool...filing that away for future reference.  I think wearing babies is really neat. 
  • Hmm...I haven't heard of that one.  How many pounds will it hold?  Can you wear the baby facing outward on your front side or just facing you?  Can you wear the baby on your back?

    Sorry for al the questions, but I would love to still be able to wear Caleb, but the Baby Bjorn just isn't working any longer.  I'm sure he weighs over 20 pounds now. 

    So, Posh Mommy has the Moby that you can try out?  I didn't know that...I looked at them online and almost bought one.  I need to go there and check them out. It's hard to find carriers that allow you to wear them facing outward on your front side.  Caleb would not enjoy facing me...he's too old for that now.

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  • monica, you can wear them facing out or on your back (I think the moby is the same).  It holds up to 42 lbs.  You can go try both of them there and the woman is really sweet who owns it.  She's also a lactation consultant!  I like Posh Mommy better than A Nurturing Moment now and they are a tad cheaper. 
  • Cool, thanks!  I must thinking of the Ergo that you can not forward face.  42 pounds?  That's fantastic!  Maybe I'll get one and give it to Jim as a Christmas present since he wears Caleb more than I do!
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