Busy board today

This is a fun day!!!  I've been feeling lonely lately and it's nice to feel like my friends are all on today....haha
I am so thankful for you ladies!!  have a great day

Re: Busy board today

  • Hi Ranita!

    I've been thinking about you.  I saw below that you are still awaiting immigration approval and translation.  We seem to still be in lock-step.

    Don't worry, though, your approval and referral will doubtless come light-years ahead of ours.  And then you can come on here and give me all that wonderful advice I've been waiting so patiently for!

  • Hugs all around ladies, there are many new faces here at Adoption (welcome all), but I miss some of my ladies!!! Good to see Captain back safe and sound, we will be thinking of you all this Thanksgiving, cheers to you~
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