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How far along before you tell people

that your pregnant? Dh and I waited 3 months. I know that may seem long, but we just wanted to make sure. On the other hand a great friend of mine pee'd on the stick got two pink lines and told everybody she knows, and put it all over her myspace page. Now she is having a M/c( at 6 weeks)I feel really really bad for her. She is still getting the congrats and can t bring her self to tell people there is not a baby there. So what do you ladies think? How long should you wait to tell friends and distant family that your pregnant?

Re: How far along before you tell people

  • We told people at work at 5 weeks, only bc we work in the lab and my labwork would be coming through so they were going to find out anyway.  We told family at 7 weeks, just bc we couldn't wait any longer!  I put it online after that.  I can understand waiting, but we just couldn't keep the secret!
  • I told a few people at work after I had the ultrasound and saw the heartbeat at 7 1/2 weeks only because I was SO sick and couldn't hide it. I waited until after the first trimester to tell others.
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  • We will tell our families at almost 8 weeks (thanksgiving day). Work I will probably tell around 11 weeks. I'd like to wait longer but our christmas party is that week and I know everyone will know somethings up when I dont have any wine! ;o)

    I wont go broadcasting it on facebook/myspace until I'm well within the second trimester. Most of my friends on there are from high school/distant friends and I think it would just be awkward if I did m/c and have to explain it to people I'm not that close to.

  • We told our parents and immediate family at 5.5 weeks. I also told my direct editor around that time because I was pretty sick.

    We waited to tell my grandparents, uncles, aunts, etc. until we were around 11 weeks. After that I put it on facebook.

    I think when is the "right" time is different for everyone. I understand being cautious, but I also know people who told the world as soon as they got their BFP and their pregnancy turned out fine.

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  • I don't think there's a right and wrong time - it's different for everyone I guess.  I wouldn't have broadcasted it upon getting the positive test result, but I know plenty of people who would and have!

    We told our parents and a couple close friends right away, but we waited until we had our first ultrasound at 7 1/2 weeks to tell everyone else.  Once we heard the heartbeat, it seemed more real.

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  • We told our parents, DH's parents, my grandmother and my brother the day after we found I was only like 4 weeks or so.I thought it was good for them to know in case something did happen they could be there for us. We told extended family and then pretty much everyone else after we heard the heartbeat and toward the end of the first trimester...I guess around 11 or 12 weeks.
  • I plan on I think telling parents and siblings after our first doc appointment.  I'll tell everyone else after the first trimester.  I know I will be excited when I get my BFP so I figure I'll tell the girls on here and that'll hopefully satisfy me for a little bit till I tell everyone else.  My thinking behind it is that I wouldn't want to have to tell a whole lotta people if God forbid there was a miscarriage so I'll keep it on the DL for a while.  But it's a personal preference and choice for everyone and everyone is different. 
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