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anyone take other kids for child care?

Do any of you SAHMs take any other kids in and get paid? ?How much do you charge per day? (or hourly?) ?Just curious. ?


Re: anyone take other kids for child care?

  • I charge $30 a day for friends kids.  Local daycares are about $40
  • I help a neighbor out by bringing her kid home from preschool at noon. I'm there anyway and have room in the car. I didn't ask her for any money but she decided that $4/day ($20/week) was a fair price. I was doing it just to be nice.

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  • I watch my niece and get paid $550 a month. She comes 4 days a week. I also watch a friends kids once in awhile and charge $10/hour or $60 a day for a full day for both kids.
  • I'm not sure if this is helpful but, here in San Fran Bay Area, average full-time daycare runs $1,200 and inhome Nannies run $1,700.  I have two friends that live in my neighborhood and they each charge $1,100 to have 1 child in their home.  They both have those kids from 7am-5pm, feed them breakfast and lunch and only ask their parents to leave diapers.

    I asked them both how they came up with that figure and they said it was 80-90% of the full-time daycare the parents were going to go with since neither was going to offer any "real" structured activities like the daycare would and would take their kid with them on errands or what-have-you... I guess a bit more "laid back" care AND because they wouldn't keep their kids if they or their child was sick.  They also said they were very firm in their hours, not allowing the kids to stay late, like some daycares would and told the parents upfront what their travel plans for the year was so, the parents would have to find alternate care at certain points during the year.

    So sorry, that turned into a novel!  :)

    Best of luck!

    eclaire 9.10.06  diggy 6.2.11

  • I charge $30 a day for my one full time kid, and typically charge $7 an hour for "drop in" type care. I charge a little more than the going rate because I am offering a very small setting, which a lot of parents want, but it is hard to find. I also require that parents provide diapers and food.
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