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DS's flu shot (1 of 2) tomorrow

I keep forgetting this board is here...DS is having his first flu shot tomorrow...anyone have kids who have already had theirs? What should I expect?

Re: DS's flu shot (1 of 2) tomorrow

  • Not that I am much help, but I do know that my friend's 7 month old just had her 2nd in the series and seemed to do fine.
  • Both my girls have had the flu shot and they did well with it.  Ava had the mist so they squirted it up her nose.  You should check and see if he is old enough for that.  Ava hates shots but she wasn't bothered my the mist at all.
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  • He does ok with shots...usually by the time he is dressed and leaving he's laughing like nothing just happened...
  • Jenna is actually going for her 2nd today.  She did fine with the first one, so I'm hoping she does well today!  I just always give her a bit of Tylenol before we go!  Good luck : )
  • So far, so good. He cried of course when she gave it to him but was fine a few minutes later. He's been asleep now for nearly 1.5 hour for his afternoon nap. I just checked on him to be sure he was ok...
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