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Have you left DC alone with...

1. DH?

2. A relative?

3. A babysitter/friend/co-worker/other?

For each of the above, how old was DC when you left him/her and why did you leave him/her (date night, errands, Girl's Night Out, travel, etc.)?  

For each of the above, how did you and DC do?

eclaire 9.10.06  diggy 6.2.11

Re: Have you left DC alone with...

  • This was soooooooooooooo hard for me to do because I never wanted to be away from her and really truly wanted to do it all by myself but, I did eventually come around!  :)

    1. DH?  Emily was 6 months old the first time I left her with DH and it was so I could get a haircut and a pedicure and it was heaven, although I was terrified something might happen while I was gone.  haha  DH and Emily did so well, she actually slept the whole time! 

    2. A relative? Sadly, my MIL died when Emily was only 4 months old so, we traveled from CA to TX to attend her funeral and left Emily with my mom so DH and I could go alone since it was about a 5 hour affair.  I left pumped breastmilk and my mom fed her and rocked her to sleep - easy!  DH and I were distracted with the funeral so, we honestly weren't really thinking about Emily and we both love & trust my mom so much so, it was easy to leave her!

    3. A babysitter/friend/co-worker/other? Our 2nd Wedding Anniversary was the first time we had a babysitter (other than my mom) and Emily had just turned 1 years old.  She was STTN and had been for a long time so, DH and I hired a sitter (a referral) and went out to eat.  We were SUPER nervous, anxious and scared something would happen the entire 3 hours we were gone... we could barely enjoy our dinner and raced home!  haha  It was so hard for us to leave her but she was born on our 1st Wedding Anniversary and we didn't really get to celebrate so, we made ourselves do this and we were glad we did!  :)  Emily slept the entire time and our sitter was basically paid to sit and watch TV.


    eclaire 9.10.06  diggy 6.2.11

  • 1. DH?  Yes.  All the time.  I've left her anywhere from an hour to maybe 8 hours or so from the time she was about 2 weeks old.  I leave her with him to go spend quality time by myself, to go for a run, to hang with friends, etc.  Everyone does fine.  The kid loves her daddy, and they have a great time together.

    2. A relative?  Yes.  We left her with my parents for the first time when she was 2 weeks old so we could go out to dinner for our anniversary.  We leave her with them all the time to go out when they visit.  I left her with them for 11 days when I went on a trip with friends.  Everyone did fine.  They get along famously.

    3. A babysitter/friend/co-worker/other?  Yes.  I take her to drop-in daycare if I have an appointment or really need to spend a day working on school stuff.  I've been doing it since she was 4 months old.  She doesn't nap well there, but they say that she's in a good mood.  She seems fine when I pick her up. 

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  • 1. DH? ?

    yes. ?first time was when i had to go to my 6 week checkup. ?several times since then, always for errands. ?the last few times DS had a total melt down about an hour after i left. ?

    2. A relative?

    no. ?everyone lives on the other coast.

    3. A babysitter/friend/co-worker/other?

    no. ?

  • Dh has been left alone with her for only minutes, really.  while i ran to get something at the store.  probably not for the first time until she was about 2 1/2 months old. (yes he was scared!)

    she has been left alone with my mom for about 2-3 hours while at the cabin so i could go fishing with my dad. (she slept the whole time)she was about 8 weeks at that time.

    otherwise that is it.  leaving her at my mom is not ok right now because my parents smoke in their house. none of dh's family lives by us. 

    also i'm BFing so it's kind of hard to leave your baby overnight or for a few days. i have never been able to get a huge freezer stash

  • 1. DH: Of course, that's her Dad! Why wouldn't I!!!! That's so weird....

    2. A relative?: Yup...both sets of grandparents for weekend overnight trips, etc. We started this right away when she was 4 days old. She got used to it and is not afraid to spend the night away from us.

    3. A babysitter: Yes again. Friends and one we hired. We need a night out once in awhile!


    DD did fine because we acclimated her to other people right away. She's not clingy.

  • (1.) DH-Yes with in the first 2 weeks he took DS to the store a few times. I have also met friends for dinner or gone to the store on my own. The longest I've left them is about 5 hours (for the NKOTB concert). DS was very fussy about 2 hours in. . (2.) Not yet just b/c the opportunity hasn't come up. DH's family is 1.5 hrs away and mine is out of state. . (3.) Not yet

    DS 09/2008

  • 1. few days old?

    2. 2 weeks old

    3. daycare, 3 mos old

    he stayed overnight with grandma at 1 month old.  we all did fine. 

  • 1.  yes, don't remember when/why.  After 5 weeks, because we didn't introduce a bottle until then and she ate every 1-1.5hrs.

    2/3.  Nope.

  • 1. Of course! Fine, I always worry though (mainly when BFing, worrying about bottles/baby being hungry) ?DD1 always loves spending time with Daddy, so it never bothers me. ?

    2. yes. ?mainly my mom, but MIL on occasion, my aunt and uncle, and my sisters. ?DD1 does good...when there are tears, it makes me sad...but they don't seem to last long.

    3. ?DD1 used to go to daycare, where I worked. ?But besides that, no one else has watched her (besides family). ?I'm glad we're done with daycare, even though it was so nice to see her and be in the same building, just a hop skip and jump away. ?She did well in the beginning, but towards the end, she started crying when she'd see me which broke my heart. ?

  • 1. 6-7 weeks

    2. A few days (MIL)

    3. 3 Months (about) 

    We did fine. 

  • DH:
     Yes, DS was really young, I went to the store

    Yes, DS was around 5 months (we live out of state from family), Girls Night Out

    Yes, DS was around 3.5-4.5 months, we rented a movie and watched it at home

     DS did great outside of his normal crying and things.

    I did fine with DH and relative.  I was a little ansy with the babysitter/friend.

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  • DH: Yes, when DS was 2.5 months. I had to go to a bridal shower, and would have taken DS, but DH MADE me leave him....It wasn't that I don't trust DH, but that I didn't think I could bear a couple hours with out my baby, and Ds refused a  bottle. Luckily he did fine with out bf for a couple hours, but I was close enough had it been an issue.


    Relative: I left him with my mom at 1 month, but I was less then 2 mins away, and checked on him twice during the 3 hours I was gone......oh I was sooo pathetic!


    Babysitter/ friend: My brothers gf, but she's practically family. There are friends I would totally trust, but we've moved too far away...Baby sitting NO!...like I said I'm pathetic.


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