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Anybody had a low-lying placenta?

They told me today that the placenta is really low lying and they should keep a watch out for it. The u/s tech said that the placenta should move up as the baby grows the the uterus expands more. But, if it doesn't, it may mean c-section if my cervix is blocked.

Ugh. That really scares me.

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Re: Anybody had a low-lying placenta?

  • I never had that but I did have a c-section and please don't let that scare you.  I should be one to talk since I was devastated over my c-section BUT...thanks to Jackie and my experience, I can say it really wasn't bad.  I had heard all sorts of horror stories and felt like c-section was an easy way out.  I felt like a failure but in the end what matters is healthy mom, healthy baby. 

    Jackie was the ONLY person who gave me a positive outlook on it (other than people who wished me good luck of course).  

    Now, I have decided, that my recovery and such has been so easy that my future pregnancies will all be scheduled c-sections (unless I go into labor on my own of course). 

    Everything will be FINE.  

  • My SIL that just gave birth last week had this (honestly not sure how early it was detected/expected).  She did end up having to have a c-section, but everything was absolutely fine.  If you want to know anything specific I can definitely ask her.  Everything will be fine!!
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  • I never planned on having a csection-  I had actually wanted to go natural.  But with the emergency pre-e, csection was the only option.  Everyone had told me how awful it was, and it was honestly a piece of cake.  Very quick, and my recovery was a breeze.  I actually recovered faster than some of friends that had natural deliveries b/c there was no tearing, etc.

     I would not hesitate to have another one.

  • I have no idea if it's the same thing, but they told me I had an anterior placenta - I remember them saying that it usually didn't cause any problems and I didn't have any. 
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