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Medela PISA?

I am sorry now if this is a stupid question.

For the past 2 months I have used a rented hospital pump, but I just bought a PISA for when I go back to work.  The hospital one never had a "let down" button like the PISA has.  Am I supposed to be pushing this or just let the pump do it on its own? 

Re: Medela PISA?

  • It comes on automatically after like 2 minutes.  You will notice that it sounds different (I think it starts pumping slower and longer or stronger or something) after the initial couple of minutes.  I only pushed it when, say, Caleb had already been nursing and then I pumped.  My milk had already let down so I didn't need to have the initial pumping that it does.  Hope this makes sense!  Not a stupid question at all!
  • What Monica said was right : )  I only pushed it when my milk was already coming out pretty well.
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