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Super bummed...

Hey ladies,

I am so bummed...I really tried to exclusively BF Chelsea for at least six months but realized yesterday that my milk supply has decreased to the point that I will no longer be able to..  I nursed Eli for 6 months exclusively until I returned to work and had to supplement.  This time around - I had to return to work sooner after only 7 weeks...and had to give Chelsea her first bottle of formula last night.  Well, she threw it all up.  Then I nursed her, and she threw that up as well.  When i dropped her off this morning - I had nursed her first - but had no milk to spare.  I was so worried that she would not be able to hold down her milk or formula.  Her caregiver said she's been drinking the formula with no problem.  I am so upset and really don't want Chelsea on formula at this point.  All I was able to pump today was four ounces.  I know that its not the end of the world - but - I wish there were something I could do.  I've been drinking that damn tea but I think it does the opposite. 


Re: Super bummed...

  • the only advice I can give you is to pump more often. I know time is an issue but the more you pump the more your body thinks you need more milk. try and relax..I know that's hard since you had a goal/plan but that can affect your supply aswell. also eat oatmeal and take the mothers milk pills. other than that just realize your doing waht you have to for your baby.

    take care and just try and relax


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