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Babyshower for 2nd baby???

Hey ladies, so I thought that I was going to have a shower for our little man but now i'm not so sure. My mom was planning on throwing it but now is having second thoughts about it. I was starting to get excited and then she was we need to? Is it worth spending the money on the party? I'm not sure what to think. I wanted it to just be a party but now I'm thinking maybe do a regular party when the baby is born..maybe at 2 months as a meet and greet. I have no idea what do you think. I really don't need much for this little one since my friend gave me enough clothes from her son to last til mine is 2 lol all that's really needed is angelina's toddler bed, I already got the 2 sets of bedding...they are sharing a room so he's blue/brown and she's pink/brown. other than her bed which we are getting for christmas, I hope! we'd just really need diapers and wipes and maybe some other little things. I just really want to celebrate with friends and family but now I'm wondering if a meet and great party would be better in our case.

thanks for listening :)

Re: Babyshower for 2nd baby???

  • I had a second shower, regardless of the fact that I was having another boy. My mom kept it very simple, did a brunch with bagels and mimosas. While I know Alex is not even 3 yet, I gave away almost everything that I had from when he was younger. I didnt really want to have a shower, but my family insisted, so I went with it. If there isnt anything that you need for the new baby, I think your idea of a meet and greet is good, though you dont have to wait until he is 2 months. Most people I know that did something like that, did it during the baby's first week home. I wouldnt so much expect gifts for the meet and greet, but it would give you an opportunity to spend with with the family and show off the new baby.


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  • i think your idea of a meet and greet sounds better than a shower if you don't need much. I've heard of a "sip and see", basically you have an open house for a few hours one day and have drinks and snacks and let people come and go to visit you and the baby, so you don't have so many people all at once when you are exhausted with a newborn!
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  • I guess I'm in the minority.  I'd personally prefer a baby shower to a meet and greet.  Simply because, after delivery who knows how long your recovery will take.  After having Eli - recovery was long...with Chelsea it was quick and painless.  But with both kids...I didn't want people in my house (dirtying it up).  I actually just wanted alone time.  Plan a small baby shower.  You can even just throw a 'diaper party". 
  • PS - I was blessed to have two baby showers for Chelsea - my coworkers surprised me and my mom and friends back in jersey surpised me (but not really).
  • I will probably have a shower for my 2nd, but different.  Instead of the big shower I had for Alexis, I would prefer something casual and smaller - just close friends and immediate family.  I think its good to register for the 2nd (and subsequent) baby anyway b/c people will buy you gifts regardless of whether you have a shower or not and at least that way you can request the things that you really need. 

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  • We are having our second child (they will be 4 years apart) but this time around we are having the boy. After having Gaby I donated everything, except her play pin and saucer. Our shower is actually 3 weeks away and basically we are starting all over with a boy this time. I think you can go either route a small intimate shower with finger foods or have a meet and greet. Just keep in mind that either you will be spending money on a shower or going crazy with folks in your house after your little one arrives.
  • I've never been invited to or known anyone who had a second shower.  Just my experience.
  • I would go with a baby shower. We are having one for this little girl too. I want both of my kids to see pictures of us celebrating them.
  • I think a shower for each baby is fine, but I would keep it very small and not register.
  • I say go for the second baby shower.  Especially since this baby is a different sex.  Who knows if you are going to be in a "party" mood with 2 young babies.
  • i agree with pp...when we got home from the hospital all i wanted was to rest and enjoy mady....the thought of having visitors over (unless they were going to help out around the house) was very overwhelming. and you will have two at that time so i can imagine how busy you will be.

    i say go for the 2nd shower...keep it low key...make it at someone's house, offer just appetizers and no registry....everyone loves shopping for a baby so im sure they'll bring you the odds and ends that you may need.

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  • Thanks ladies, we are going with the shower :) I still want to have a small meet and greet when the baby is 2 months old (after his 1st set of vaccines) that way everyone can meet my little one :)
  • My 2 cents coming in late.

    I understand the sentiment that every baby deserves a shower however times are tough and if you already have almost everything you need for the baby because of Angelina and basically just need clothes then I don't see a need for a shower or a big one anyway. A small GTG of tea and cookies or coffee and cake should work. Like I said, times are rough and throwing any party is expensive - especially around or right after the holidays.

    OK. 2 cents over!

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