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Can I get paid to care for my sick baby?

I heard there is a program I may qualify for by the state that I can stay home to care for my child which is sick. The state pays me to technically be my sons nurse and care for him. He is a one month old preemie and will be on dialysis 10 hrs a day for 3 years until he gets his kidney transplant. And he will be going to the Dr 4 times a month and seeing specialist. I don't want some stranger watching and caring for him, plus I know I'll loose my job with needing to care for him and all the appointments. Has anyone heard of this program in CA or is currently on it? please help.....

Re: Can I get paid to care for my sick baby?

  • I have heard of this program but I don't know anything specific about it.
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  • That's a big argument in the Medicaid world, particularly for people with disabilities.  The initiative is called "Money Follows the Person" and it generally refers to persons with chronic disabilities who qualify for Medicaid services - IF your state offers the program.

    The agency that has done the most with this issue, for people well beyond their target population, is United Cerebral Palsy.  I'd check your state's UCP website and see who you can talk to about caregiving.

    The other agency that's big in caregiving initiatives is the Rosalynn Carter Foundation -, I believe.  They have tons of caregiving info.

    Best of luck to you and your little one.

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  • I think it very much depends on your state. I know my mother cannot get paid to care for my grandmother who has been dealing with cancer for years. They have caretakers who come into the home but will not pay her to take care of her. I think it is sad really. Your loved one will get much better care if a family member was doing it. Best wishes to you and your baby :)
  • i can't offer any help, but i did want to say good luck.  your doc's office may be able to point you in the right direction. 
  • Depends on your state. 

    My friend was paid by Medicare to be a caretaker for her disabled brother, but she had to go through many hoops and evaluations, and she wasn't allowed to be living with him.  This was in Michigan.

  • image June_Bug08:
    Your loved one will get much better care if a family member was doing it.
    For those of us with good values from supportive, healthy families, that's true.

    And that's exactly the reason that MFP and family caregiver initiatives run into problems.  There are a lot of people that, for reasons of bitterness, mental health issues, emotional disturbances, or unfathomable apathy and neglect, would take the money and fail to provide even the most basic care.

  • Very true Roxy! I have some of those people in my family..
  • I don't have any info but if you haven't I would cross post this on the Premmie and Special Needs boards they may be able to help.

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