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Pregnant after 35

Hi ladies!!

Newbie here. Came across this board the other day & was happy to see it. I feel so "old" in some of the other bump boards. Hope you don't mind me joining you all!!


Re: Hi ladies!!

  • Hi and welcome!  Come join us and play!  BTW, your daughter is adorable!!!
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  • Congrats and come on in.....
  • Welcome!  I just came across this board recently too.  Congratulations!
  • Welcome!  Addison is so cute!!!!
  • Welcome, I'm kinda new here too. I don't waste much time on the other boards, just here & the TTC after 35 board since I feel I relate so much to them having gone through this for so long. It's nice to know what to expect from someone who has been there, especially through IVF & I will hang out there til they kick me out. LOL. Really, I wish I found this site and that board during the time I ws TTC, as there are so many questions and it's nice to be able to compare to others.
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