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If you had a soft marker for Down's....

...what was it?

Just curious because in the poll about cvs/amnio testing, several people mentioned having a soft marker for down's but deciding against an amnio since it was "only one" marker.

I fall into that camp, too.  Our soft marker was a choroid cyst on our baby's brain.  Everything else looked good and the NT results were good so we opted out of the amnio.

I was wondering if we are all having the same soft marker, since my OB said choroid cysts are "common."  Is that what you had or something else?

Re: If you had a soft marker for Down's....

  • My sister's son had that spot on the heart (echogenic cardiac focus or whatever) and the brain cyst as well.  She opted out of the other testing as she knew both were common and tended to resolve themselves before birth and sure enough, all was well.

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  • DD had the spot on her heart, that was there for a while, but gone at the u/s I had at month 7.
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  • Ours was an echogenic focus in the heart...  We opted out of the amnio.
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  • We had the spot on the heart as well. ?We opted out of further testing and our baby was born healthy.
  • Hello I am new to this board (new profile too since I have a new job and therefore a new email and forgot my original password.) I have a DD who is 20 months and we are expecting our second 4/21/09. I am 39, DH 41.


    Ours was water on the kidney which can be a soft spot or not. So we opted to not have the amino. 

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