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?? about Baptisms

For those of you that have recently baptised your DC in a Catholic church, were any of you required to provide a "sponsorship letter"? If so, what exactly does that letter from your parish include?? It seems that every church I have called regarding a baptism has had a fairly difficult process just to apply for the baptism??!!!?? 
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Re: ?? about Baptisms

  • The "sponsorship letter" is just stating that you are a member of a Catholic church. The Godparents that were not members of the church where my sons were baptized had to get that letter from their church.
  • we just had madys baptism on oct 26 - we did it at the same church we got married at - immaculate conception catholic church. we were not required to take a sponsorship letter, but then again we were married there.

    i have heard of many places that are asking for this now though

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  • I did not have to provide anything, but I think that may be because I went up to NJ to the church where I grew up and got married (and had almost every other sacrament), so they knew me and my whole family. 


  • Like the others said, it is a letter from you parish, where you are an active parishner.  If you are baptizing at a church that isn't your parish, that church will ask for this letter.  As a godparent, we were asked for it too.  Our trouble was that we weren't registered anywhere; we went to church and donated, but didn't officially belong to one parish.  Luckily, the church we go to (St. Augustine in the Gables) was very understanding; when I explained to them the situation, they had me sign up and that day they had the letter ready for us.


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  • Ditto the girls. Sophia's Godparents had to get letters from their churches. We are members of our church so we were OK.

    Similar to when we got married - neither of us got married in our parish so we had to provide letters from our home parish churches. Its very common and not really a big deal. The church's should provide it to you without a problem. Most just require that you go in person to pick it up.

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